Dallas United Crew

2021 Fall Youth Competitive/Travel Team





$1999 - Varsity
  • Prerequisite: completion of at least one season of competitive novice rowing.
$1750 - Novice


SEASON Dates: 

Monday AUGUST 16 - Saturday DECEMBER 18, 2021


  • All participation fees are non-refundable.
  • Insurance may be purchased through RegSaver Registration Insurance in the event your athlete withdraws from participation early for various reasons. More information available at the end of registration, prior to payment.


In completing this registration you will provide:
  • Athlete Information
  • Parent/Guardian Information
  • Medical and Emergency Contact Information
  • Read and Accept all Waivers
  • Pre-participation Physical Form: EMAIL TO CoachNanMiller@gmail.com
  • Complete payment 


What Dues Include:

  • DUC's rowing program focus's on teaching proper rowing technique, necessary skills for improving boat speed on the water along with dry-land training focusing on strength, fitness, flexibility and injury prevention. This is a competitive program where athletes have the opportunity to race everyday at practice and in planned scrimmages with other teams in our region.
  • Practices are regularly filmed and shared with athletes via our SportsEngine App.   Individual and crew technical video review will also take place at practice.
  • College Recruiting - The youth program at DUC provides exceptional visibility to college teams. Coaches from ALL athletic divisions including, but not limited to, the BIG 10, Big 12, Ivy League, PAC 12, Patriot League, Colonial Athletic League, ACC and Division II and III schools regularly observe our practices.  The coaching staff welcomes opportunities to advocate for athletes based on observations of attitude and performance in practice, regardless of boat assignments. In the past, athletes from all boats within the program have gained access to college coaches. DUC coaches seek to not only help athletes expand their “rowing resumes,” but more importantly, how to navigate the anxieties and challenges around the college process on a day-to-day level within practice and at home.
  • Team racing unisuit (race uniform).





ALL PRACTICES from MON 8/16/21 to FRI 8/22/21 will be in the AFTERNOON from 5:00 - 7:00PM. 
ALL VARSITY (boys and girls), will be practicing together for a series of both on-land and and on-water exercises. These physical and general rowing assessments will determine which grouping they will be assigned for practices.  There will be a morning practice group (practicing weekdays from 5:00 - 7:00 AM) and an afternoon practice group (practicing weekdays from 5:00 - 7:00 PM).  Initial assignments will not be permanent, coaches will make a number of reassessments throughout the Fall.
ALL NOVICES (boys and girls), will be practicing together for a series of both on-land and and on-water exercises that will be taught in conjunction.  Athletes will learn the principles of the rowing stroke and be taken immediately out onto the water in one of our two rowing barges.  They should expect to be running, erging and completing on-land circuits in addition to rowing.



Critical to any team’s success is the commitment to practice. Athletes must attend a minimum of 90% of planned practices and all competitions in order to maintain good standing. Unavoidable absences must be emailed and communicated directly from the athlete to the coaching staff as early as possible. Missed practice will impact boatings.

VARSITY Practice DAYS & timeS (6 days/wk):

Monday - Friday  5:00 - 7:00 AM  OR  5:00 - 7:00 PM*
Saturday 6:00 - 9:00 AM**


NOVICE Practice DAYS & timeS (5 days/wk):

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  5:00 - 7:00 PM*
Saturday 6:00 - 9:00 AM**
*RETURNING VARSITY athletes will be invited to morning practices following our first week of afternoon practices depending on their assessment results.   
NOVICE ATHLETES will practice from 5:00 - 7:00PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.


**Saturday morning practice times may slightly vary per crew


Service hours: 

SATURDAY's 9 - 10AM, once per month
  • Required volunteer hours for all DUC members. For The Love Of The Lake shoreline cleanup runs approximately 1 hour post-practice on the second Saturday of each month.
  • If the FTLOTL event is in conflict with a regatta, inclement weather, etc. your coach will notify you of a group makeup date OR make other individual arrangement.
  • Schools often require volunteer hours in specific areas: please contact coach for the various other volunteer service options.

DALLAS UNITED CREW Youth Athlete Code of Conduct   

The Dallas United Crew Youth Team operates on the philosophy that all rowers and coxswains have the right to learn the sport of rowing. To do so, each athlete needs a climate that is satisfying and productive and is not filled with disruptive behavior by other athletes. This document presents guidelines for maintaining such an atmosphere during practices, regattas, and other team sponsored events.


1. Behavior: All rowers must demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. Respect for other participants, coaches, officials, chaperones and spectators are essential for fair competition and is expected at all times. An athlete with a negative impact on the team will not be allowed to continue attending team functions. This includes, but is not limited to: fighting/physical harassment, use of racial slurs, sexual harassment, promiscuous behavior, indecent gestures, disruptive conduct, profanity, and disobedience to authority - including coaches, race officials, regatta staff, and chaperones. This includes any team sponsored activity at the Boathouse, on buses, in hotels, at restaurants, and at the regatta site.

2. Attendance: Rowing is a team sport – participants depend on each other. When a rower or coxswain does not come to practice it upsets the entire boat. Actions and in‐actions affect everyone on the team.  Consider this and act accordingly. Unavoidable absences must be emailed and communicated directly from the athlete to the coaching staff as early as possible. Missed practice will impact boatings.

3. Driving: Rowers who drive a car to practice are required to drive safely at the practice site. No rower is allowed to drive
themselves to any away regatta. Prior to leaving regatta site using alternate transportation, rowers must provide coach and chaperone with an email or written permission, signed by parent.


4. Controlled Substances: Possession or use of controlled substances (drugs, chemicals, steroids, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons) is strictly prohibited.

5. Theft: Rowers will be respectful of others' possessions and understand that they are financially responsible for any damage that they may cause. Theft of private property reflects negatively on the team and will not be tolerated. Destruction or vandalism of the Boathouse property as well as unauthorized access in unauthorized areas will not be tolerated. Individuals (and parents) will be held responsible for any damage to any equipment, rooms, buses, etc.

6. Travel: During travel with crew, rowers will stay with the group at all times and understand that they must follow the instructions of their Chaperone. No mixing of boys and girls in any hotel rooms/floors at any time unless the coaches are present for a meeting. Rowers may not enter other athletes’ rooms. Rowers are not to leave their designated room after curfew.

7.  Hazing, Harassment and Bullying Policy: Any form of abusive behavior, harassment, bullying or cyberbullying committed against another will not be tolerated and may subject me to team suspension or worse, dismissal. At the same time, if you are the one being mistreated, harassed or bullied, you will immediately report it to the Coaching Staff.

ENFORCEMENT: Failure to abide by the rules expressly written here, or given verbally by a Coach or Chaperone, may result in one or all of the following: removal from the line-up, immediate suspension from events or dismissal from the DUC Youth Team. In each case, the Coach will consult all parties involved, notify parents and Director and take the following course of action:

1. Warning - for minor violations. Coach will give warning to rower. If repeated warnings are necessary, parents will receive phone call from coach to discuss violations and possible solutions.

2. Removal from line-up - for more serious violations or repeated warnings.

3. Immediate suspension from events - for very serious violations. Meeting will be held with parents and Director to discuss violations, length of suspension, and possible solutions. Parents may be required to retrieve a suspended or dismissed rower from a trip at their own expense.

4. Dismissal from team - for most serious violations or repeated violations after attempting to solve issues with steps 1-3. Prior to dismissal.

SportsEngine App: Team Communications and Attendance 

  • DOWNLOAD the SportsEngine App for Guardians and Athlete's phones. *Double check if you chose to register as "yourself/owner" or "for someone else" to help determine if you are the "Guardian" account or "Athlete" sub-account.* 
  • Once Coach POPULATES the participant onto the TEAM ROSTER, Guardian and Athlete will be able to RSVP for practices, use Team Chat, and see Video. 
  • Open ACCOUNT SETTINGS --> NOTIFICATION SETTINGS and make sure to TURN ON for email and text. This is the best way to receive practice cancellation, URGENT, & EMERGENCY communications. 
  • Check out FAQ about making Guardian and Athlete SportsEngine accounts and how to connect them.


Please direct questions to:

Steve Perry

Director/Head Coach