Dallas United Crew

2019 Fall Novice 2-week Trial


No rowing experience? You've come to the right place.

DUC is offering 2-weeks tryout period to allow new rowers to see how they like the sport! Never heard of rowing before? Perfect! We will teach you everything you need to know. 


If the rower decides to join the team after the 2-weeks tryout, this $250 applies towards Novice Travel Team dues!



What's next?



Fill out athlete information, accept waiver, and submit payment to complete registration.



5 - 7pm M-F and 6-9am Sat


What to wear/bring:

Comfortable clothing for exercising, extra layers and a jacket since it's January (preferably avoid cotton as it holds water to the body), running shoes with socks, a refillable water bottle, inhaler or other prescription medications needed for exercise on hand.



DUC Boathouse

417 E Lawther Dr. Dallas TX 75218.


Drop off:

Gravel "loop" area just north of the DUC lot - NOT in the STREET as there are many patrons on foot and wheel that creates a dangerous situation. 


Pick up:

Athletes are released from practice generally right at 7pm and may take a minute or two to walk to your vehicle. Please DO NOT IDLE IN THE STREET NOR PICK UP DIRECTLY AT THE DUC BOATHOUSE. We tend to have over 150 youth athletes being picked up at that time and may not block the road. Arrange a drop-off and pickup location in advance. 



Any fully graveled parking lot in the park is available; look between the White Rock Sailing Club and the Corinthian Sailing Club.


Please direct questions to:

Amanda Perry

Head Coach - Varsity Girls