Dallas United Crew

2022 Spring Masters Training Team


The Masters Training Team offers coached rowing for adults with previous rowing experience with a commitment to training in a team environment.



Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

6:00-7:30 am


Season Dates: 

Tuesday March 22, 2022 - Saturday May 28, 2022


Total Fee:  $499.00 plus regatta fees 


Registration Dues cover:

While DUC does not have memberships or membership dues everyone who comes through the door is a part of our community.  

Workouts and team rows under the guidance of DUC Coaches. Coaches will be teaching specific parts of the rowing stroke and sequencing of the drive  with a focus on athletes understanding how to efficiently move the boat.  Team will be both rowing on the water and participating in on land training. Including a strength & conditioning training program incorporating erging and on-the-water rowing in both sweep and sculling shells.  


Please direct questions to:

Steve Perry

Director/Head Coach