Dallas United Crew

Fall 2021 Masters Training Team


The Masters Training Team offers coached rowing for adults with previous rowing experience with a commitment to training in a team environment.



Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

6:00-7:30 am


Season Dates: 

Tuesday September 7, 2021 - Saturday November 6, 2021


Total Fee:  $499


Registration Dues cover:

While DUC does not have memberships or membership dues everyone who comes through the door is a part of our community. We ask that each participant, youth and adult, pay our facilities fee. The facility fee is paid once per rowing season and allows us to maintain our fleet, the boathouse, our docks, program staff and keep the building maintained.

Workouts and team rows under the guidance of DUC Coaches. Coaches will be teaching specific parts of the rowing stroke and sequencing of the drive  with a focus on athletes understanding how to efficiently move the boat.  Team will be both rowing on the water and participating in on land training. Including a strength & conditioning training program incorporating erging and on-the-water rowing in both sweep and sculling shells.  


Please direct questions to:

Steve Perry

Director/Head Coach